Resend My Signal

Can't hear your channels? You may need to resend the satellite signal. It's easy, just follow the steps below.

Tip: For easier completion, you may want to resend your signal using your mobile device when you're in your vehicle

  • Turn on the satellite radio in your vehicle
  • Ensure the radio antenna has a clear line of sight to the sky
  • Tune your radio to the preview channel (1 or 184)
  • Enter your ESN or Radio ID and click "Resend my signal" (see below if you need assistance)
  • Signal will usually be restored within a few minutes. In some cases, it may take up to 15 minutes. Ensure your radio remains on during the process.
  • Switch to channel 2 to confirm signal

How do I find my Radio ID?

Tune your radio to channel 0 and the ESN/RadioID should display. If that didn't work, try accessing the menu function on your radio. (Refer to your owner's manual for specific instructions.)

Note: The letters "I, O, S and F" are not used in any Radio ID. Can't find your ESN/RadioID in your pre-installed vehicle? Try our VIN Lookup Tool.