Merle Haggard gives health update on Willie’s Roadhouse

Merle Haggard

Merle Haggard

Earlier this month, Merle Haggard was forced to postpone a string of concert dates after being hospitalized for double pneumonia.  For all of his fans concerned about his well-being, we are happy to report that Merle is on the road to recovery.

He called into the Dallas Wayne show on Willie’s Roadhouse (Ch. 59) this afternoon, where he gave us an update on his condition.

A couple weeks ago I came in the hospital here, and I guess I was nearly dead,” he said. “They couldn’t whether the cancer had returned or whether I just had pneumonia. They had to wait until they got the pneumonia under control before we could tell. So it’s been kind of a tough couple of weeks but I’ve got so many people to thank.”

He went on to explain that Gene Autry’s widow Jackie Autry was the one who convinced him to go to the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif. to get help.

If I hadn’t had done that, I might not be here,” he said. “We were up here doing a show, and I tried to go out and I couldn’t do it, and she talked me into coming into this hospital and getting some help.”

He thanked all the people who offered him a place to stay as well as the hospital staff who took care of him and said that he really appreciates all Willie Nelson and Willie’s Roadhouse does to support his music.

You can hear the interview in its entirety Friday 12/18 at 5 pm ET on Willie’s Roadhouse (Ch. 59).

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