NHL Network Radio’s Michelle Sturino’s Up Close With…Ryan Reaves

Ryan Reaves

Reaves and I doing our best impression of what he likes about pranks and fighting - you’ll have to listen to find out!

So here we are….another edition of UP CLOSE…

Today’s interview is all about a player that I’m sure most fans love to hate (especially if you don’t cheer for the St. Louis Blues), tough guy extraordinaire, Ryan Reaves.  So, is the 6’1, 224lbs framed winger intimidating? Uh, yeah…even to interview. But behind the rough exterior I find out a lot of interesting things about Reaves; like which teammate has the worst playlist, why he’s such a prankster and the worst hockey nicknames ever given to him. Luckily, I had a few suggestions for the big enforcer.

Not only do we breakdown some of his personality traits but I also introduce a segment called “Reaves’ Peeves”. Ryan is no holds bar in telling us some of his ‘pet peeves’ on and off the ice. I think you’ll be surprised at a few of his answers. After all, he’s a forward who has over 500 career penalty minutes in fewer than 350 games played in the NHL. So without further ado, here’s my chat with Ryan Reaves.

In case you haven’t seen some of his ‘creativity’ with teammates off the ice – check out these youtube videos:

As always, thanks again for taking the time to listen. UP CLOSE is always evolving and featuring a variety of different players around the league. Young, old, popular, leading scorer and third liner, it doesn’t matter. They all have a unique story that I’m happy to help tell.

A few interviews I’ve got on the way are 1-on-1s with Gustav Nyquist, Jordin Tootoo and more. As always, I love getting feedback from our loyal listeners. Send me a tweet at @MichelleSturino . I’d love to hear what you think. But until then….we’ll see you next time.

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