What is SiriusXM Travel Link?

Travel Link Traffic

SiriusXM Traffic helps drivers pick the fastest and more fuel-efficient route based on traffic conditions. More fun, less traffic—that’s our motto.

SiriusXM Traffic features all of this at the push of a button:

  • Coverage of major roadways across North America
  • Alerts on major accidents, construction and road closings.
  • 24/7 coast-to-coast traffic information delivered by our satellites.
  • Rigorous quality testing that ensures SiriusXM has best-in-class traffic data.
  • Colour-coded roads on your screen show traffic speed in major metropolitan areas.

For a complete list of markets with this additional speed/flow information, please visit Market Coverage.

Travel Link Weather — National and Local Weather

Whether near your home or on a long road trip, you always need detailed weather information at your fingertips. SiriusXM Travel Link Weather uses the same sources that professional pilots and mariners rely on every day. Whether you need to plan for routing your trip around the weather or simply want to know if you need an umbrella, Travel Link Weather helps you stay in control with detailed weather maps at the press of a button.

Enjoy the following features:

  • Weather radar maps — precipitation type and intensity
  • Weather maps — detailed Surface features including high and low pressure systems and fronts
  • Detailed storm information with speed and direction

Travel Link Sport Scores

Follow your sports, and your teams with your own personalized sports information service. Want to listen to your favorite channel on SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and watch the scores from your team’s games at the same time? This service is just what any avid sports fan needs.

Includes scores for the following sports:

  • Game Schedules
  • Play-by-play details
  • Football - NFL and College Football
  • Basketball - NBA and College Basketball
  • Baseball - MLB®
  • Hockey - NHL®
  • Motorsports - NASCAR®
  • Plus Golf and more