The Dean Obeidallah Show: Charleston church attack was terrorism

The Dean Obeidallah Show: Charleston church attack was terrorism

Last Wednesday night we learned about the horrific attack on a famed black church in Charleston, South Carolina that resulted in the death of nine African-Americans. The media has labeled the attack many things, including “a massacre,” “heartbreaking” and “hateful.” But the mainstream media has still not called the attack what it truly was: Domestic terrorism. I wrote about this issue last week for The Daily Beast and explained why under the controlling federal statute it was terrorism. On my radio show Saturday, both guests in my first hour, social justice activist Linda Sarsour and Kameelah Rashad, the Muslim chaplain at the University of Pennsylvania, together with numerous callers, made it clear this was a terrorist act. Is there any doubt if the gunmen had been Muslim he would be labeled a terrorist? But when a non-Muslim commits a horrific act, we almost never hear the media or even our government describe the incident as terrorism. We need to call it terrorism because that, in the long run, will save American lives:

The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi on Jack Black buying Chinese food for everyone on set of HBO’s “The Brink”

Mandvi is one of the stars as well as a writer on HBO’s new comedy series, The Brink which premiered Sunday night. This smart and very funny political comedy series also stars Jack Black and Tim Robbins. He told a story about how one night when shooting went really late and everyone form the cast to the crew were exhausted, Jack Black ordered a huge amount of Chinese food for everyone on the set. Mandvi also discussed how The Daily Show will not be The Daily Show as we know it when Jon Stewart leaves. He believes that the new host, Trevor Noah, will do a great job, but it will be a different show than we all have seen over the years.

Actors Arian Moayed and Omar Metwally talk Robin Williams and Steven Spielberg

Two Tony nominated actors, Arian Moayed and Omar Metwally who currently co-star in the Off-Broadway hit, “Guards at the Taj,” joined me on Saturday. I had a chance to see their play, which was written by the Pulitzer nominated playwright Rajiv Joseph, and it was truly everything the critics raved: funny, very well acted, surprising and even haunting. (The play’s run was just extended to July 12.) Moayed spoke about his last play on Broadway in which he co-starred with Robin Williams. Arian shared a beautiful story that sums up the way he members the late actor and comedian. Metwally spoke about working with director Steven Spielberg in the movie Munich, which was both intimidating and awe inspiring.

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