Boost your situational awareness through interactive graphical weather updates on compatible displays.


Available instantly and continuously broadcast, the XM WX data stream includes these data products, and many more:

  • High-Resolution NEXRAD Radar
  • Lightning
  • Satellite Imagery
  • METARs
  • Winds Aloft
  • Freezing Level

Featuring a total of 19 data products for aviation, XM WX Satellite Weather provides a comprehensive data suite for a more complete picture of the weather, at any altitude.

Your weather, your way

Choose the plan that’s right for you: Aviator or Aviator Pro.

A great deal of flexibility is provided in the display of XM WX data products. For instance, numerous XM WX partners are providing XM WX support on multi-function displays (MFDs), electronic flight bags (EFBs) and Pocket PCs.

Additionally, pilots have a choice of either FAA-certified or portable receivers, so they can use XM WX Satellite Weather as an integrated component of their cockpits, or as a portable, plug-and-play addition.

Continuously broadcast and dependable

XM WX Satellite Weather employs a unique satellite delivery mechanism to ensure constant, reliable weather coverage, no matter how thick the clouds get or how hard it rains. In fact, the quality of XM WX data, in addition to its robust satellite delivery, has prompted over 90% of airframe manufactures to adopt XM WX as an optional feature for their aircraft.

Weather and entertainment, all in one

If the peace of mind XM WX provides isn’t enough, with SiriusXM, you can get over 130 channels of pure audio enjoyment, including commercial-free, music, sports, news, talk and entertainment you won’t hear anywhere else. One XM antenna can support both XM Weather and XM Radio broadcasts, delivering the best in satellite weather and entertainment for users with an XM audio receiver. View the channel guide.