Available Data Products

High Resolution NEXRAD Radar

A mosaic of data from all the NEXRAD radar sites in the U.S., color-coded to indicate storm severity. NEXRAD (Next Generation Radar) is the standard reference for the National Weather Service’s Doppler radar network. A completed scan from each active NEXRAD radar is collected and integrated into a national grid, manually inspected and refined by meteorologists, then instantaneously distributed via satellite to XM WX subscribers.

High Resolution NEXRAD from XM WX is composed of any precipitation exceeding 15dBz in intensity, and incorporates the first two tilt levels of the NEXRAD radar for an accurate look at conditions relevant to users in the air, at sea and on the ground. Updated every 5 minutes, High Resolution NEXRAD data is available for the continental United States and Puerto Rico.

Minimum Data Broadcast Frequency: 5 minutes
Data image represented by WxWorx.