A glance at the difficult upbringing for Lawrence Phillips

Bleacher Report Radio

Last week for Bleacher Report, senior writer Lars Anderson wrote about Lawrence Phillips’ latest legal incident, and how his upbringing led to his current situation behind bars.

That latest incident for Phillips, a former NFL running back and college star for Nebraska, involved the strangling death of a cellmate at Kern Valley State Prison in California. Phillips is suspected of killing the man.

On SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio, Anderson went into further detail on Phillips’ childhood.

He came from this really hard background in Pasadena, Calif. Just an absolute horrible childhood. When he was about 10 years old — so his dad was never in his life — his mom invited her boyfriend into their home, and the boyfriend was incredibly abusive. I didn’t put this in the [Bleacher Report] story, but abusive to the degree where, holding down a 10-year-old Lawrence Phillips with his right foot and urinating on him in front of his mother. And Lawrence felt as if the mother condoned this behavior.

Phillips, according to Anderson, was then placed in a group home, where the abuse persisted.

He never got the proper counseling to help him deal with stressful situations. In times of great stress, when either someone disappointed him or he felt as if he disappointed himself, you have these incredible manifestations of emotions. And too often, those manifestations were violence against women. You don’t have to be a psychologist to understand that a lot of that was because of the abandonment he felt from his mother.

Anderson also spoke with Content is King host King Kaufman about meeting Phillips, and how he learned of Phillips’ exceptional intelligence.

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