Andy Cohen plays in the MLB Celebrity Softball Game & interviews your favorite stars

MLB Celebrity Softball Game

Andy Cohen in action during the MLB 2016 All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game at PETCO Park on July 10, 2016 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)

Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Andy Cohen is taking you out to the ball game.

Cohen broadcast from Sunday’s MLB All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game at PETCO Park in San Diego, playing shortstop for the National Team and mingling with the VIP players.

Even though his team lost to the American squad by one run, the Bravo boss hit a home run with his interviews, which aired Monday morning. Hear highlights below, and listen to Andy Cohen live every Monday at 10 am ET on SiriusXM Radio Andy (Ch. 102).


Cohen tried to get the skinny on Tyler Hoechlin‘s role in the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel, asking the question we all want to know: “Are you full-throttle naked?”

“This is one of those NDA, can’t say anything otherwise I’ll never work in this town again [things],” he replied, laughing. “I wish I could answer.”

Even though they competed on opposing teams, the Supergirl star — who played baseball in college — did give Cohen a tip.

“Stay down and keep the ball in front of you. Keep the glove down,” he advised. “Ball’s on the ground, stay down. Don’t pick it up, unless it’s coming at your face.”



Terry Crews returned to the city he repped as a Chargers defensive end from 1993-94, and unlike Hoechlin, he had no problem chatting about nudity.

“I didn’t even do batting practice,” Crews said of his lack of pregame prep. “The shirt is probably going to come off, because I’m not very good as a ball player, so I need cheap applause.”

“That’s good. I like cheap applause, too,” Cohen joked. “Just make those tits dance.”



Pete Wentz proved even rock stars can be fan-boys.

The Fall Out Boy bassist told Cohen he was psyched to meet Andre Dawson, a retired Chicago Cubs right fielder inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame in 2010.

“Andre Dawson is literally the first baseball card I ever owned,” Wentz said.

“Oh my God, and his locker is right next to yours,” Cohen added.”

“I know, and I like geeked out, and I think it was really not good,” Wentz replied. “It didn’t go the way I wanted it.”

To be fair, “it was kind of while changing with everybody,” Cohen said. “You and I were like ‘Oh my God, this is weird.’”



Cohen and SiriusXM comrade Jamie Foxx (he curates comedy station The Foxxhole on Ch. 96) talked politics, from how the actor gave then-Senator Barack Obama a radio boost back in 2008 to why he’s voting for Hillary Clinton and wants his daughters to feel inspired by her history-making bid for president.

Foxx also discussed the tragedies that rocked America last week when two black men died during separate confrontations with police and a gunman killed five Dallas officers, reportedly in retaliation.

“People look to this country and say, ‘How you guys messing it up?’ Because in other parts of the world that I’ve taken my kids, they don’t have a chance. Our natural resource is freedom. So when you see all of this bigotry and this hate going on, it breaks your heart,” he said. “God bless all of the victims. The victims of police brutality, of violence, we stand with you. And at the same time, an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind … if you can’t look at people dying and not feel some type of way, then we’re in trouble.”

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