The SiriusXM Town Hall With Barbra Streisand Recap

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Iconic actress, singer, producer and everything else-er Barbra Streisand had a lot of ground to cover over the course of her SiriusXM Town Hall, which included, but was not limited to: growing up in Brooklyn, meeting Elvis Presley and the hilariousness of Duck Sauce’s EDM hit, Barbra Streisand.

Moderated by music exec Jay Landers, Barbra’s Town Hall kicked off with a lot of Elvis talk, or, more specifically, Barbra opening up about what it was like to actually meet Elvis, who she was so nervous to be around that she shyly painted her nails the entire time without looking up.

“The first time I met [Elvis], he came backstage. I opened this hotel in Las Vegas, and he was coming in second. So he came to my opening night. And he was Elvis, you know? He had dyed black hair, was wearing a lot of jewelry. He was Elvis! And of course, I was so shy, that I spent the entire time we talked polishing my nails. Can you imagine? I couldn’t look up.”

Barbra also recalled what it was like to grow up in Brooklyn, and how at the time all she wanted was to “escape” to Manhattan. (Funny how things change, right?)

“Y’know, I think then, when a lot of us lived [in Brooklyn], it was a place that was so familiar and so homey, but we were all trying to get out. We were all trying to move on. We were trying to make it in the big time, y’know? I had never been to Manhattan … We all wanted to somehow escape.”

Finally, Barbra answered the hour’s most burning question: What does she think about Duck Sauce’s EDM hit named after her? Turns out Barbra’s into it!

“I was in France when I walked into a little restaurant and they were playing this song, and I thought this was a joke. I thought they did that for me because they knew I was coming for dinner!”

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