Begonia, Ivory Hours + More Are Ones To Watch This Week On The Verge


Photo: Leeor Wild

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This week, The Verge wants to get your ears on these great new tracks:

Begonia – Hanging On A Line

Winnipeg’s Alexa Dirks aka Begonia will be releasing her debut album Fear in September and with her latest single it’s all about finding love in the club.

“Sometimes anything seems possible when you’re slightly intoxicated and there’s sub-bass vibrating through your body. Amidst all this there are two extra underlying messages; try to be a good person and remember to stay hydrated.”

Alexa won a JUNO Award in 2009 with her folk-pop group Chic Gamine for their self-titled debut album in the Roots and Traditional category. With her new solo album, Begonia blends numerous genres into one bold fearless record.

Ivory Hours – Echoes

London, Ontario alt-pop outfit Ivory Hours share their new single “Echoes”; it’s the second single from the band to make it onto the watch list. The band says about “Echoes”:

“We live in a bubble on social media that’s been designed to keep us on platform, generating ad revenue. We’re losing the ability to understand the point of view of people we don’t agree with and it’s creating hard lines of division where we need compromise. Here’s to more love, empathy & humanity in this increasingly polarized world.”

Dizzy – Heavy

Oshawa, ON JUNO award winners Dizzy drop “Heavy” from their new EP Heavy/Twist. The song at first feels like it could be part of a 90’s rom-com soundtrack. However, the song unfolds showcasing how anxieties and depression can take hold and how that heaviness is an ongoing battle to lift. Lead singer Katie Munshaw says the song is about feeling sad for long periods of time and being afraid to tell others what you’re going through in fear of hurting or worrying them.

Paper Lions – Rhythm & Gold

Indie pop-rockers from Charlottetown, PEI Paper Lions return with a playful summer banger from their upcoming new album out this fall. The band will be celebrating their rock roots on the new album doing some reminiscing at the same time as delivery rip-roaring guitar solos.

Secret Broadcast – Only Drug

Toronto rockers Secret Broadcast just released their new album Penny Arcade that is a mix of modern blues-rock and 70s soul. It’s like if The Black Keys met The Rolling Stones in the 70s. Penny Arcade is the band’s first album since their 2015 release ‘Filthy Souls.’ Lead singer Matt Lightstone says that they let the songs dictate the sounds on this album and added instruments to help the songs take shape. For the song “Only Drug” the band collaborated with Chris Thorn from Blind Melon to incorporate some slide guitar stylings.

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