Ben Miner and Canada Laughs Present The Best of 2015

Derek Seguin of Montreal was crowned SiriusXM's Top Comic.

Derek Seguin of Montreal was crowned SiriusXM's Top Comic.

It’s the end of the year! Are you happy with what you’ve done in the last twelve months? Because we are! What a year at Canada Laughs!!! From festivals, to touring Top Comic to recording albums for some of the funniest people in the world – 2015 was an absolute treat here at the channel! Here’s a list of our favorite stuff!

Top Comic

I know, I’m clearly biased since I host and produce the whole thing. Having said that, Top Comic has become the most prestigious competition in Canadian comedy. We packed out the 1250 seat Queen Elizabth Theatre as part of JFL42, 8 of the funniest comics from across Canada rocked the room, and Harland Williams headlined the evening. The winner? Montreal’s own Derek Seguin, one of the hardest working comics in Canada, a Just for Laughs veteran, a regular on CBC’s The Debaters and just one of the best comics we have to offer. It was an amazing night!

One of the things we do at the channel is record albums for comedians and this year we did a lot of that. It’s hard to pick a favorite but we did just that – our favorite album recording of 2015 was by Tim Steeves! This is a comic we were very excited about getting into the Canada Laughs playlist. Tim is one of the most respected stand-ups in Canada, a veteran of all the festivals and just happens to be one of the main writers of the Rick Mercer Report. Huge. The album was recorded at Yuk Yuk’s in downtown Toronto and everything lined up to make for an awesome album. Great growd, great venue and a phenomenal comic we’ve been dying to play at the channel. Cheers to Tim Steeves, you were our favorite recording of 2015!

Albums we didn’t record
Gotta say, the comedy scene is turning over a lot of albums now. Like, a lot. Everyone’s recording or writing for the next album. Some highlights this year came from Alex Wood’s self-produced “When You Gonna be a Dentist?”, Tyler Morrison’s “Impolitely Canadian” and Christina Walkinshaw’s “It’s Taking a Long Time” (there were a lot of great albums actually, but those three stood out to me) but my absolute favorite self-produced CD this year was Tim Gilbert’s “Tim Sings the Hits”, a 44 track album featuring covers of everyone from Dolly Parton to Wilson Phillips and Katy Perry. This isn’t a parody record, Tim is actually trying really hard. This album is pure joy.

So. Many. Awesome. Comics.

I sit down with one of my awesome comedy pals at the end of every year and go over the last 12 months with them while coming up with a list of the hottest Canadian comics of 2015. This year I was lucky to be joined by the super-funny Steph Tolev, who was a Top Comic finalist and also named Top Female stand up this year at the Canadian Comedy Awards. Who did we pick? These people!

  • 10-Kate Davis
  • 9-Sara Hennessey
  • 8-Tim Gilbert
  • 7-Derek Seguin
  • 6-Mark Little
  • 5-Steph Tolev
  • 4-K Trevor Wilson
  • 3-Phil Hanley
  • 2-Ian Bagg
  • 1-Katherine Ryan

Why did we pick these people? You’ll have to tune in to Canada Laughs 168 to find out! Here are the airtimes:

  • December 24th 1pm EST
  • December 25th 9pm EST
  • December 26th 2pm EST
  • December 31st 9pm EST
  • Jan 1st 1pm EST

Thanks for a great 2015, everyone!!!

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