Bleeker, Bad Waitress Are Ones To Watch This Week On The Verge

Bad Waitress

Bad Waitress

Photo: Michael Amaral

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Bleeker – Disaster

Bleeker are back with a new single from their forthcoming album, Self-Made. The new tune is ‘Disaster’ and it a step away from their last track ‘Straight For the Money’. This time they’re zeroing in on the fact that sometimes it’s okay to feel bad. Slower and more introspective than before this song is showing the diversity of what’s to come from this record.

Goody Grace – Scumbag

Manitoba’s Goody Grace is rocketing toward mainstream success. This new song ‘Scumbag’ features Blink 182 thanks to Blink drummer Travis Barker’s infatuation with Goody’s music. Barker found Goody through social media and began inviting him to shows and even asking him to perform on stage with Blink. Fast-forward to this collaboration. Goody says that he doesn’t feel established yet, but we’re excited to see what happens next.

Bad Waitress – That Sedative

Toronto’s Bad Waitress has been shaking up the punk scene for a hot minute now and with the release of their new single ‘That Sedative’ you can expect for that rumble to continue. This song is fun, fast and reminds us that punk is alive and well.

Palaye Royal – Hang On To Yourself

A huge congratulations to Palaye Royal who were just nominated for a Juno for Group of the Year. Their latest single ‘Hang On To Yourself’ is an indication of sounds to come. The band has spoken openly about wanting to move away from their dance-rock past straight toward their glam rock future.

Jaunt – Nostalgia for The Present Moment

Hamilton’s Jaunt has promised us a full-length record this year and to prove it they have given us ‘Nostalgia for the Present Moment’, the first single. Taking influence from 70’ yacht rock, the band says that didn’t aspire to any one particular sound for this album. As for what the rest of the album will sound like? We’ll have to wait and see.

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