Canada Talks’ Andrew Krystal on The Year of the Dog

The week on Canada Talks

2018 is only entering its third month, but already it feels like a long year, a dog’s age. And it began, where it will end — at the White House reality show. Michael Wolff’s Trumpian tell-all, Fire and Fury (which hasn’t been denied by the main players quoted) dominated the news in January, only to vanish amid the Olympic snow and another mass shooting — this time in sunny Florida.

Krystal Nation contributors have had a fine handle on the 2018 hell-wagon so far, with CNN”s Michael Smerconish commenting on recent guest Dr. Bandy Lee and her controversial book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump whom Smerconish also summarily dismissed for what he adjudged to be Lee’s “bad psychiatric methodology” where 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts assessed the President but had never met him.

Meantime, that ever-faithful to what is crazy, a serial killer, came to the surface with victim remains in early 2018. A man who had actually met serial killer Bruce McArthur, and survived the beery anodyne encounters, casting director Ron Leach, joined me on air recently with former Toronto Police Union boss Craig Bromell to discuss why it took so long to catch him (the banality of Bruce McArthur’s evil was an apparent disguise in the Gay Village).

The biggest business story so far in 2018 is not the cannabis industry (albeit with a knowing nod to Wheaton Income), but is, instead, drone technology. Leading that charge has been the all-Canuck “Drone Delivery Canada”, soaring from a back-of-the-napkin concept in Vaughn Ontario, to over 300 million in market capitalization in two years. CEO Tony Di Benedetto regularly updates Krystal Nation listeners with where this crucial railway-in-the-sky is going; like the railway, it will unite remote communities, firstly with essential medical supplies. Transport Canada licensing approvals and compliance means Drone Delivery Canada is unique, cutting edge.

One of the sharpest financial minds in Canada, Jason Pereira of, joins Krystal Nation regularly and says the new Federal budget is a walk-back from the initial punitive tax measures that were earlier trial ballooned by Finance Minister Morneau (Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was not available). According to Pereira, “the government was met by unprecedented blowback that included over 80 associations banding together to fight the proposed tax change”. Meanwhile, Jason says, “we are in a booming economy with a 19 billion dollar deficit”.

Climatologist/science popularizer and author, Richard Zurawski, also joins me often with the science headlines – and also to bemoan the steady, eerie, erosion of our fragile blue planet. (I don’t think Richard buys in bulk — canned goods and hunkers down probably).

The apocalypse is coming. It is the year of North Korea. So, call Richard later.

And if this was the year 2000 instead of 2018, and you were told that, in 18 years, Trump would be President; Cosby a serial rapist; people can’t stop staring at phones; Leafs are decent; Eagles winners, you wouldn’t believe it — any more than if someone had said Russians would use steroids in Olympic curling.

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