Bree Olson Talks About Charlie Sheen on The Howard Stern Show (11-17-2015)

Bree Olson at the Howard Stern Show.

Bree Olson at the Howard Stern Show.

Photo courtesy of The Howard Stern Show

For some, it was incredibly shocking. For others, it was no huge surprise. For one woman, it was hugely frightening.

Yesterday, Charlie Sheen visited the TODAY Show, where he revealed that he was diagnosed with the HIV virus four years ago.

While Sheen was telling all to Matt Lauer, Bree Olson, one of his “goddesses” from his Tiger Blood time, was driving to appear on the Howard Stern Show and respond to the revelation. Bree was unaware of Sheen’s diagnosis, and prior to her appearance on Stern, she had taken a test of determine if she was infected with the HIV virus. Thankfully, Olson tested negative.

“I am so upset,” Olson told Howard as the gang listened to Sheen’s interview. “He doesn’t even value my life.”

Also on the show was Seth Rogern, who discussed his new film The Night Before, thoughts on JD’s lack of washing, and the end of his feud with Justin Bieber.

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