Brett Kissel

Brett Kissel

Brett Kissel was given a shot to open up for Garth Brooks three times in Hamilton ON, and I think it’s safe to say that Brett and Garth connected.

Brett, who grew up listening to Garth Brooks on the family farm in Alberta did a few things during those three Hamilton shows that I know made a positive impression on the country superstar.

  1. Brett is nice, super nice, or maybe even nicer than that. Brett goes out of his way to take time to meet with fans and make them feel comfortable. I ran into him on the street in Calgary as he was entering a venue for sound check. I was speaking to my daughter on the phone at the time as Brett and I did the bro hug on the street. I said. “Hey Brett, say hi to my daughter, she’s a big fan after seeing you on the Rick Mercer Report.” Brett grabbed the phone and chatted with her for close to 5 minutes. He didn’t need to do that, nor did he need to take that much time, but it does show just who this guy is.
  2. Brett knows how to work. Maybe everyone should grow up on a farm just to learn the skill of “effort”. When he takes the stage he effortlessly engages with the crowd without missing a beat, a note, or a step. Brett shows up with the same work ethic whether he is playing to four people in a café or the arena stage. That effort on stage caught the eye of Brooks, who extended Brett’s opening set time nightly. Brooks also brought Kissel up on stage nightly to play with him and the band.
  3. What I think what really made Garth go, “Hey this kid is an alright dude,” was when Brett gave Garth gifts. There is no need to talk about just what these extremely thoughtful gifts were, but it was Brett’s way of saying “thank you”. Brett wanted Garth to know that the songs he grew up listening to helped make him the performer he is today.

Catch JUNO Award winner Brett Kissel as he opens of for who he refers to as his “Hero” Garth Brooks at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg June 17 and 19 .

Brett’s latest single is “Cool With That.” You can follow Brett on Twitter (@brettkissel), Instagram (@brettkissel), SnapChat (brettkissel), and Facebook (brettkisselmusic).

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