The Canada Laughs guide to holiday shopping

Canada Laughs' favourite Harland Williams

Canada Laughs' favourite Harland Williams

It’s that time of year where everyone complains about the over-commercialization of the holidays and how it’s ruined the genuine sentiment behind everything blah blah blah here’s where you can spend some of your money! With comedians!!! You heard me, comedians! We have a lot of stuff to sell and you have a lot of gifts to give so how’s about we put two and two together, hmmm?


Comedians, we’re a literate bunch. So much so that a few comics even wrote and released books this year! Classy! They range from instructional books to novels. Got a friend who thinks they’re too cool for school? Take em down a peg or two by showing them that you’re far more acquainted with cool then they can ever hope to be – buy them a book by a comic.

Aaron Berg, Mr Manners: Proper Etiquette for the Modern Degenerate 

Colin Mochrie, Not Quite the Classics 

Ward Anderson, I’ll Be Here All Week

Children’s Books by Harland Williams 


This is my favorite category. These people have so much talent that it cannot be contained to just the stage. Got a friend or family member who’s a huge comedy nerd? This is the category for them.

Hand-drawn t-shirt by Harland Williams.

So, so, so cool. Show a pal you think they’re the coolest by buying them this.

Beard Paintings by Graham Clark.

Not only is Graham a phenomenal stand up, he’s also an amazing artist and all of his paintings are done with his beard. He doesn’t cut whiskers off and make a brush either, he paints with the beard still attached to his face. Oh, and all the paintings are auctioned off for charitable causes. Swell guy that Graham.

Fine Art by Katherine Ferns

Katherine Ferns is an up and coming Canadian stand-up now living in the UK and she also happens to be a super-talented visual artist. Paintings, sculptures, mixed medium stuff – so much for me to be jealous of. Class up your place with some art by Katherine Ferns!


Know how we’re all friends with someone who thinks they’re super tough and walk out of an action movie thinking they’re suddenly Jackie Chan? Well, we all know someone really annoying who thinks they’re actually being funny. They’re the co-worker who’s no longer allowed to answer the phone and the guy who’s constantly dropping “That’s what she said”. Time for these people to put up or shut up. Throw down the gauntlet and buy them some comedy classes.

Loose Moose, Calgary

Rapid Fire Theatre, Edmonton

Comedy Bar, Toronto 

Second City, Toronto

Bad Dog Theatre, Toronto

TheatreSports, Vancouver


Dan Aykroyd is one of the funniest people Canada has ever produced. He’s also quite the business person. Did you know that Crystal Head Vodka is his company? Cause it is. I bet there’s a crystal skulled apparition in the next Ghostbusters movie.

Crystalhead Vodka by Dan Aykroyd


A Hate-O-Gram is a brief, hate-filled message that comes from your heart through the mouth of comedian John Moses.


Got someone on your list in need of a good laugh? 29 Canadian comics released albums/DVD’s this year and they sure would be glad if you bought a copy or two . But Ben, how are we supposed to know who released albums? By reading this article! C’mon! Pay attention! Alex Nussbaum, Ali Hassan, Angelo Tsarouchas, Arthur Simeon, Brendan McKeigan, Brett Martin, Chris Locke, Dave Foley, Fraser Young, Glenn Wool, Hunter Collins, Jen Grant, John Beuhler, Jon Steinberg, K Trevor Wilson, Ladystache, Mae Martin, Matt Wright, Mark Debonis, Perry Perlmutar, Simon Rakoff, Sandra Battaglini, Sean Cullen, Steve Patterson, Tim Gilbert, Tom Stade, Tyler Morrison all had releases this year. Go give them your money.

2014 comedy releases:

Alex Nussbaum

Ali Hassan 

Angelo Tsarouchas 

Arthur Simeon

Brendan McKeigan 

Brett Martin 

Chris Locke 

Dave Foley 

Fraser Young 

Glenn Wool 

Hunter Collins

Jen Grant

John Beuhler

Jon Steinberg

K Trevor Wilson


Mae Martin

Matt Wright

Mark Debonis

Perry Perlmutar

Simon Rakoff

Sandra Battaglini

Sean Cullen 

Steve Patterson

Tim Gilbert

Tom Stade

Tyler Morrison

Garrett Clark

Matt O’brien

Scott Faulconbridge 

Mark Forward

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