Canada Now goes coast to coast on Canada Talks

Canada Now

Northern Cree

It’s so satisfying to see a plan come together.

Don’t get me wrong; this is not meant to be an “atta boy” for me or anyone else on the show. Having spent 22 years, for the most part, speaking to a local audience, it is a tremendous feeling to check in on a community so far away in our great land and discuss what matters most to them.

What we at Canada Talks wanted to accomplish with “Canada Now” (Monday to Friday 10am-12pm ET) was to cover stories around the entire country, as far north and south, east and west.  By show #7’s end, we’ve looked in on BC, hit with record-breaking snowy weather.

We went to Alberta, where they boast a multi-nominated Grammy and Juno award Canadian Aboriginal band, Northern Cree, by speaking with co-founder Steve Wood.

We stopped in on Saskatchewan with the “Ignite the Life Youth Rally” in dealing with their youth suicide crisis. We celebrated Winnipeg with an in-studio visit with one of their own, Chantal Kreviazuk.

We looked in on Cambridge, Ontario, at the Norovirus outbreak there and on our nation’s capital to learn more about the Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa.

We mourned with Quebec after the Mosque Massacre. We looked in on New Brunswick throughout their crippling power outage.

Off to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, to speak with MP Rodger Cuzner, who is fighting for better service from Service Canada for Canadians collecting Employment Insurance.

We also visited Nova Scotia to discuss their teachers union work-to-rule job action. To Whitehorse, where you’ll find the only sex offender pilot program.

And to the Canadian cities and provinces not mentioned somewhere above, sit tight, we’ll get to you on Canada Now.

In a week and a half, I’ve already discovered how passionate, caring and unified this country can be.  No matter where one lives, what his/her politics are, religion, sexual preference, skin colour etc., we are all proudly Canadian.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you, hearing from you or getting to know more about where you live and what’s going on there.  Please reach out!  Follow and write us on Twitter, @sxmcanadanow and on Facebook,  Or send us an email,

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