The week on Canada Talks – Andy Kim, Myles Goodwin + more

Andy Kim

Ward and Al with Andy Kim (far right).

So much happens every week on so many great Canadian talk shows – here are a few highlights from the week on Canada Talks, including appearances from Andy Kim, Myles Goodwin and others.


Anthony Furey was joined by Auditor General of Canada Michael Ferguson to explain his latest report on the government and why his frustration with the government seems to be growing.


Andy Kim joined Ward & Al to chat about the 12th Annual Andy Kim Christmas earlier this week. We think Andy might be Ward’s life coacH.

Noah Cappe just wrapped up hosting the “Bachelorette Canada”. He will be hosting the “Bachelor Canada” and with casting open, we thought we would see if Al has what it takes to be on the show.

The iconic Robin Duke joined Ward & Al to talk all things SNL, SCTV and found out what she’s up to now.


On the Arlene Bynon Show, founding member of Canadian rock band Myles Goodwyn April Wine joined Arlene to talk about his new book Just Between You and Me. Here is Myles talking about a near-death experience, how it changed him and led him to the decision to write the book.

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