Canada Talks’ Shaun Proulx on journaling and honesty

Canada Talks' Shaun Proulx on journaling and honesty

Question for you: Do you know what it is you really want in life? And even if you answered yes, are you being super duper honest about it?

I ask because I had an experience at the end of November last year that really taught me the value of getting real with what you desire in life.

Up until then I would have said I was real. I’m ambitious, I know what I want, I have goal lists, I make things happen.

I do lots of things to make those things happen, including living my life by the deliberate application of the Law of Attraction, which says – and this is quantum physics you can look up – that we are all vibrational transmitters and receivers. In every moment we are broadcasting a very specific vibrational signal that is instantly being understood and answered and immediately your present and future circumstances begin changing in response to the signal you are projecting.

So I like to live my life as though my mic were always on.

In the mornings I journal. I journal about what I appreciate, what I look forward to, ideas I like the idea of, all with an intention to tuning my vibration to high before my day gets underway.

The catch is, I’ve been journaling for ten years. And it’s a great tool, but one can get a little lazy. Sometimes I have caught myself writing stuff without feeling what I was writing. And I did this late last November. It was all blah blah blah when I re-read it to myself.

So it hit me to just shake it up. No one reads my journal, I don’t even really go back and read it. So I shook it up by writing outrageously, with audacity. I wrote about my fondest wildest dreams, I wrote obnoxiously, I wrote like I thought I was the King of s.h.i.t.

And a funny thing happened. I could feel a visceral response go through me; my vibration changed. It was just fun and funny to write about what I wanted in life with such wild abandon.

That day a cheque came in the mail. It was hefty. I wasn’t expecting it.

That day a major corporation called me unexpectedly and gifted me with creative tools for my business – free – just because they like the work I do and wanted to support it.

That day, I booked some television to promote some work I was putting out there that would have cost me about $30,000 if I had bought the same amout of commercial air time.

What I came to understand is that these things were all waiting for me to match up to. And by playing small with what I wanted in my journaling, I held my self back from receiving it. The day I played large, large came to play.

Whereever you are in your life as you read this, I encourage you to have some fun – don’t tell anyone if you don’t want to – and be super honest with what you like. I for example wrote I wanted to be the sun, the king, the top dog, #1. Whatever that meant. It’s a bit embarrassing to even share that, but it was a true fun feeling and I encourage you to give it a go.

You have nothing to lose, and lots to gain, as I learned on that day last November.

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