Music Programmer

Reporting to the Manager, Music Programming

The Music Programmer is responsible for performing a range of duties, including the coordination of schedules and activities for individual radio channels in accordance with established formats and department mandate, as well as the overseeing of day-to-day operations with respect to staff assignments and channel activity, as directed.

Job Details



  • Coordinate and perform all necessary programming activities, maintaining program schedules in accordance with established procedures and regulatory requirements
  • Maintain channel logs for live airplay, orderly transition and activation of program content
  • Select, edit, assemble and ingest material into database for airplay using appropriate software
  • Operate equipment to edit audio for radio programming, ensuring high-quality content related to specialty shows, promotions, liners and other on-air deliverables
  • Monitor related industries for new and emerging material


  • Plan, organize and coordinate the production of radio programs as required
  • Determine treatment, scope and scheduling of production
  • Coordinate use of available guests related to broadcast content, both in-studio and remote

Hosting and announcing:

  • Act as host or co-host, selecting and introducing material for broadcast; conduct updates for channel(s)
  • Conduct research for programs; assist in determining required coverage
  • Act as interviewer, commentator or analyst during broadcasts; conduct proceedings of shows and programs
  • Cultivate and maintain regular contact with music industry representatives; stay current via relevant industry sources

Technical production:

  • Monitor broadcast quality of live and taped radio programs in accordance with established procedures and scheduling
  • Operate broadcast studio equipment used to record and transmit live and taped radio programs; operate consoles to pick up feed sources from different locations
  • Set up, prepare, operate and adjust audio, recording, editing and reproducing equipment; record, edit and reproduce sound input or feed of pre-recorded material and input from live microphones, or satellites, for radio programs and recordings related to all pre- or post-program technical production
  • Respond to malfunctions in accordance with procedure
  • Notify broadcast operations personnel of need for equipment repair or other technical difficulties as required


  • Manage regulatory needs in music programming
  • Ingest music and metadata associated with selections in company programming database
  • Edit specialty programming audio

Social Media:

  • Monitor individual channel pages
  • Participate in social media communities through blogging


  • Participate in meetings and prepare status updates as required
  • Contribute to weekly music meetings
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

Level of Education

  • Completion of a college radio or television arts program

Job Related Experience

  • 2-5 years’ relevant experience
  • Firm knowledge of CRTC regulations
  • Knowledge of new Canadian music

Skills and Background

  • Ability to operate audio equipment used for live radio programs and broadcasts
  • Strong understanding of music scheduling software
  • Good understand of various social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

SiriusXM Canada is committed to equity in employment and programming.

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