Darren Criss gives us even more reasons to love him

Darren Criss of Glee fame visits SiriusXM.

Darren Criss of Glee fame visits SiriusXM.

Whether you are still a loud and proud Gleek or loved A Very Potter Musical before it was cool, we totally get the Darren Criss obsession.

The music man recently stopped in on The Hoda Show to talk about his latest passion project, which has him strutting on the Great White Way – in heels. He is currently playing slaying the title role in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway. Neil Patrick Harris won a Tony for the role of Hedwig last year, but it’s safe to say Criss is filling the big (or rather, pointy) shoes in 2014’s Best Musical Revival winner.

Here are 3 (of many) reasons why we dig Darren.

1. Criss is a Hedwig and the Angry Inch expert (a Hexpert?). 

“Hedwig and the Angry Inch was a show that was done downtown in the late 1990s, and it was this very avant-garde, weird thing,” Criss said. “The Broadway community would really go out on a limb and see this weird rock show…It’s about as rock ‘n roll as it gets.”

2. Criss picked up the violin at age 5 – but never forced his passion for music.

“I think the reason why I loved music so much growing up was because my parents didn’t make me do it,” Criss said. “Music was always a passion for me. I never felt like it was forced.”

3. He’s all about the bro love – and credits his brother with his Hedwig obsession.

“[My brother] Chuck was the guy who turned me onto Hedwig in the first place,” Criss said. “Seeing him opening night was really emotional. I lost it when I saw my brother. I even get teary-eyed thinking about it.”

D’awwww. Listen to more of the interview below!

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