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Back in 1974 I was employed as service manager in the family dealership, Ready Honda. Called to a staff meeting we were informed that we would be attending the new, Toronto Auto show that was to be organized at the International Centre in Mississauga.

The Auto Show was back!

The first automobile show to hit the streets of the “big smoke” was held at the Canadian National Exhibition in 1897, It wasn’t till 5 years later after construction was completed on the Transportation Building that the auto show had a home it could call it’s own.. Destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1916 the renamed Automotive Building was set to display the then renamed “National Motor Show”.

Cars graced the building till 1967.
The CNE was a summer affair and most manufactures didn’t present their new and coming models till fall. Manufactures couldn’t use the show to it’s full potential and it soon lost favour as a venue. Showing current models which were readily available at the the local dealership really wasn’t a draw and needless to say the show was failing to attract an audience and was discontinued.

For several years there was no auto show in the city other than local Hot Rod Shows. The Automotive Building had lost it’s bling, sinking in stature every year. At one point housing farm animals and a petting zoo.

In 1974 the Toronto Automobile Dealers Association set the stage for a comeback of the Automobile Show to be held at the international centre , in Mississauga in February. The date was chosen specifically for two reasons , a kick off to the spring selling season and the availability of manufactures to promote this years crop of new offerings

This site, although it offered free parking wasn’t readily accessible and not really family friendly. It was thought at the time the locale would weed out the tire kickers who wouldn’t make the effort to visit. Remember dealers were selling at the show.

Plus it was relatively small at 80,000 square feet.

In 1986 as the show grew and the Mississauga facility gave way to it’s current site, The Convention Centre in Downtown Toronto, current size 650,000 square feet.

In 2001 under the direction of a dedicated team headed by Tom Tonks and Dave McLean the show gained international recognition by authorities in Paris and is now the premier event we all knew it could be.

Among the features at the show, the long running radio program “Dave’s Corner Garage” heard on Sirius XM’s “Canada Talks” will be holding a town hall. The Thought being that the disconnect between the owner and the technology they drive has grown so large there actually is no connection.

Worse still is the growing trend of keeping the customer away from the mechanic.
No One to talk to and ask why?, What happened ?

This Town hall is an effort to reconnect with your ride by asking the questions that you need straight answers too.

Getting answers from those in the the know. The top professionals in the industry. Join us February 15th at the Toronto International Auto Show.

It all starts at 1:00 o’clock. Check out our site Dave’s Corner Garage for more info!


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