Elvis Week 2015: SiriusXM hosts and programmers remember the King of Rock and Roll

Elvis Presley Radio on SiriusXM

a href=”https://www.siriusxm.ca/elvisradio”>Elvis Radio (Ch. 19) is celebrating Elvis Week with special programming from Saturday, Aug. 8 through Saturday, Aug. 15. However, they aren’t the only SiriusXM channel that loves to celebrate Elvis. In honour of this yearly celebration in Graceland, we’ve asked the hosts and programmers across our many channels that play his hits to share their favorite songs and memories of The King of Rock and Roll.

Underground Garage (Ch. 21)

“I have two special Elvis songs that I hold near and dear. One: King Creole – Besides being the theme to my favorite Elvis movie it’s just a great song for me to back announce on the air. Saying, “That’s King Creole with Kid Leo…”

“Two: Can’t Help Falling In Love – This one is special for a much more important reason.  It was the song I sang to my daughter when she was a baby as a lullaby. It also was the song she and I chose for the ‘Father/Daughter’ dance at her wedding.”

Kid Leo

The Loft (Ch. 30)

“I’ll never forget the morning after the death of Elvis Aaron Presley. I was managing a record store in New Jersey and as I arrived to open there was a middle-aged woman waiting at the door, dabbing her eyes with a hankie. I said, ‘Good morning, ma’am, I’ll be open in about 30 minutes. Are you alright?’

“She gazed at me with wet eyes and said, ‘I know but I really need to get every Elvis album I can.’ I invited her in, locked the door and walked her to the Elvis Presley section. There sat every Elvis album currently in print from RCA, including the Camden Budget line stuff. There were multiple copies of all the ‘important’ albums and Elvis’ section took up the entire row of the browser. She took one look and said, ‘I’ll take them all.’

“This being the ’70s, I tried to explain that these records were in absolutely no danger of going out of print and, in fact, were sure to be available for many years. She still wanted to buy them all.  I managed to talk her out of the doubles, so I would have something left in the inventory for other Elvis fans, gave her a discount and could have closed the store before opening, as I had already made my numbers for the day!

“My personal favorite Elvis songs are Heartbreak Hotel (from the early years) and In the Ghetto (from the later years)” — Mark Marrone

’70s on 7 (Ch. 7)

“One of the most exciting moments [for me] was in 1977 at my first radio station. The program director brought in a NEW single by Elvis Presley called Way Down. I was 17, and it was my first job as a ‘baby DJ’ playing Elvis’ new, but last single.”

JayBeau Jones

“The Wonder of You is such a powerful ballad. It never fails to pack the dance floor, and it has everyone singing every word.” — Dennis Falcone

“I was a ‘baby DJ’ on the air in Jacksonville, Fla., at the time it was announced that Elvis had died. I was in shock and wasn’t prepared emotionally to deal with a story like this on the air. I remember playing and singing along to Rock A Hula Baby (from the Blue Hawaii Soundtrack) over and over in my basement. I sounded just like Elvis (as long as no one heard it).” — JJ Walker

“The day that Elvis died was the very first ‘death’ in my young life. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. The passing of Elvis so resonated with me as to take me back to my fourth birthday, when I was made aware for the very — first time — that none of us live forever. My favorite song would be Way Down, a classic homage to his old 1950s rock ‘n roll!!” — ‘Magic Matt’ Allen

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