Emo, Indie and Classic Alternative – SiriusXM has all your feels


Dashboard Confessional

The 2000s were a time of emotions in music. Big emotions, and feelings too. They called it “Emo”, a shorthand slang for “emotional music”, which was defined as melodic hard rock that often featuring confessional lyrics.

Among the artists that made waves under the Emo banner were bands like Dashboard Confessional, Panic! At The Disco,  Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance.

All these bands had hit albums and sings, and in the case of a group like Fall Out Boy, continue to play arenas across North America. So it makes sense that SiriusXM would have an online channel devoted to Emo, called The Emo Project. There, you’ll hear throwback emo, screamo and pop punk from the 2000s and beyond.

Right next door to The Emo Project on SiriusXM Streaming is Indie 1.0. It’s there that you can find some of the most influential artists in the history of indie rock. Many of those featured on Indie 1.0 made their names with loud guitars and catchy hooks that continue to stand the test of time (and taste).  On Indie 1.0, you’ll hear First-Gen Indie Rock from college radio grads like Pavement and Pixies to early cult classics from The Strokes and Arcade Fire. The roots of Emo and Indie are all there for your ears.

If you’re looking to hop into the way back machine for the ultimate alternative music experience, than 1st Wave is where to turn your ears to. With classic and knowledgeable hosts including Larry The Duck and Richard Blade, 1st Wave features iconic 80s artists like R.E.M., Duran Duran, Bauhaus, The Smiths, The Cure, U2 and so many others. As well, the one and Billy Idol hosts his own show, Live Transmission, every other week; so does former Ramones Drummer Marky Ramone, whose 1st Wave Blitzkrieg also airs bi-weekly. Plus, every Sunday night, you can take a trip on the Dark Wave, featuring the Goth bands of alternative rock past.

Emo, indie, and classic alternative – whatever you’re feeling, we’ve got the right music for you.


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