For Mother’s Day, Ben Miner celebrates Canadian comic and mother of three Kate Davis

Kate Davis

Kate Davis

Everyone thinks being a comic is a hard job and they’re right. It’s a really, really, really tough thing to do. There’s so much struggle, sacrifice and time spent working towards a goal that has no promise of panning out. I was raised by a single mom, which means I saw struggle and sacrifice first hand. I never went without and, in fact, only ever had the best, while my mom would often-times go without or make due with what she had. I think being a mom is a really hard job. And it also never ends. Especially when you’ve raised a comic – be prepared for a few more years of financial support. No way could I have become a comedian without my mom, no way. I would’ve starved. Being a mother has got to be the toughest job out there.

So imagine how hard it must be to be a comic AND a mom.

Mind blown, right?

Kate Davis is a hero of mine. I’ve known her for nearly my whole career and she’s one of the people I can credit with showing me how pros are supposed to act. Show up on time, crush on stage and be cool with the new comics. I remember Kate flat out refusing gas money from me on gigs early on. She knew how little I was making and, well, she’s just a really nice and decent person. Those are important take-aways and lessons I’ve tried to apply with new comics over the years.

Treat them well and appreciate that struggle we all go through as comedians.

So now you know that Kate Davis is a great comic and wonderful person. Awesome. Kate’s also a mother of three. THREE!!! And she’s never taken a break from the stage! Whuuuuu?? Seriously? This is clearly a human being imbued with some sort of super-powers. I can’t imagine how hard raising a family is while also building a career in comedy. I can’t imagine how hard it is because Kate has made it look easy.

I’m not trying to fault anyone who’s ever had to step away from the stage, especially those comics who have started families. I’m simply trying to praise Kate for what she’s accomplished. She never took a break, never walked away – she’s one of the funniest and hardest working comics I know. And she’s a mom! She had to have gone a few years without sleep at some point, had to. Her kids are all lovely people too. Kate’s not just a mom; she’s a super-mom. Seriously. At one point her husband and her had built a half-pipe in their backyard because the kids were into skate-boarding.

Above and beyond. Always above and beyond. That’s Kate in a nutshell.

Part of the sacrifice of being an artist involves delaying or just not having a family sometimes. The balance that Kate’s achieved is incredible. She’s not just any comic either, she’s at the top of the game. She’s performed stand-up all over the planet (for real, she just got back from Norway), has written a book, has a podcast, booked a bunch of fests and has even hosted events for Barbara Walters and Bill Friggin Clinton! And she’s done all of this while raising three children! Unreal. It’s hard to be whiney and lazy when you have a friend like her in your life. Kate’s drive is as significant as her talent. She’s such a great example in so many ways.

Happy mother’s day to all the moms out there. There really is no harder job on the whole planet. If you’re reading this, go buy your mom some flowers or make her a macaroni card or something. Moms are the toughest, strongest, most caring, smartest, nicest people on the face of the planet. And if your name is Kate Davis, you’re all of those things AND an awesome comic too. Unreal. No way she sleeps. Check Kate out at

And also, thanks to my mom for being my mom. I love ya, lady.

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