Francesca Battistelli Delivers A Message Live on SiriusXM

Francesca Battistelli

It’s been over four years since Francesca Battistelli released her last album, “If We’re Honest”. That wait is almost over, and SiriusXM’s The Message wants to help hold you over with an exclusive live performance from our Music City Theatre in Nashville!

Even if you’re not in the live audience you’ll be able to join us on social media to try and have YOUR questions answered. Frannie will play her biggest hits and even give a sneak preview of her next album that is still several months away. Don’t miss it!

Tune in:

Wednesday, July 11th at 2 pm and 5 pm ET
Thursday, July 12th at 4 pm ET
Friday, July 13th at 9 am ET
Saturday, July 14th at 2 pm and 9 pm ET
Sunday, July 15th at 8 am and 3 pm ET



Listen live to The Message now.

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