Meet Fred ‘Bugsy’ Buggs, SiriusXM FLY’s new afternoon host!


Bugsy Buggs

We’re welcoming a new addition to the SiriusXM FLY (Ch. 47) family. Fred “Bugsy” Buggs has joined the channel as its third on-air personality.

“I love this game,” says Bugsy, who still feels this genre is a winning ticket after years of showcasing top hip-hop and R&B artists. Whether on the mic, on stage or as A&R Director or Promotions Manager for the many labels, Bugsy has delivered and introduced countless acts such as The Lost Boys, Onyx, LL Cool J, Mary J. Blige, and more. He was there at the beginning — a major player in the beginning of hip-hop radio in Philadelphia and New York City.

“It so amazing to see the continued growth and sustainability of a genre many thought to be a fad, that would soon fade. How many years has it been?” jokes Bugsy. “It’s truly an honour to join Heather B., Kid Capri, and the listeners who jam on SiriusXM FLY.

Join Bugsy Buggs weekdays noon to 6 pm ET starting Feb. 6, where he’ll be playing hip-hop and R&B from the ‘90s and 2000s. In the meantime, check out his interview with Wyclef Jean.

Follow Buggs on Instagram and Twitter, or email him at
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