Gamer’s Edge Radio Comes To SiriusXM Canada Talks

Gamer's Edge Radio

In 2019, the winners of the most popular eSports events won more prize money than traditional sports like golf and tennis; two examples are the Fortnite World Cup and the International 2019, which paid out US$30 million and more than US$33 million respectively.

Why am I telling you these stats? Because when people ask why SiriusXM is launching a new show dedicated to gaming, the numbers speak for themselves!

Starting this week, SiriusXM listers (a lot of whom happen to be gamers) will finally have a show to come “home” to for awesome gaming content; so whether you’re a casual console gamer, addicted to mobile gaming, or a hardcore PC fan working on your pro game, we’re going to have something for everyone.

Mitchell Whitfield and I are going to bring you off-the-cuff interviews with some of the biggest names in the game (pun intended) – from game developers and publishers to players and team-owners, we’ll bring you inside the world of gaming from a perspective you won’t find anywhere else; we’ll also be featuring the latest gaming news, as well as hardware and software reviews

To kick off this brand new show, we’ve got one of the biggest names in gaming joining us; XBOX fans will know him by his gamer tag Major Nelson, but we know him as Microsoft’s Larry Hryb…and he’s going to join us when we premier on Wednesday, January 15th.

So make sure you join us every week…and let us know what you think! We couldn’t do this show without you, so make sure your voice is heard by following us on all of our social media channels (@GamersEdgeRadio) and let us know what YOU want to hear.

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