Go go Power Rangers, this weekend on Kids Place Live!

Power Rangers

This weekend, the Power Rangers guest host Couch Potato Stew on Kids Place Live!

The team will morph into our studios to talk about their new movie… and maybe get some new colour assignments from Couch Potato Paul??

The Kids Place Live kitchen will also prepare its weekly buffet featuring one secret ingredient: every song has to come from “a screen.” We’re talking about:

  • movie songs
  • TV themes
  • cartoons
  • internet sensations;
  • and more!

If it can be seen on a screen, then the music is the super special ingredient in our exclusive 2-hour weekly blend of Couch Potato Stew!

Check it this weekend on Kids Place Live:

Friday, March 24th at 8 pm ET
Saturday, March 25th at 6 ET
Sunday, March 26th at 3 pm ET


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