grandson, Chastity Are Ones To Watch On The Verge This Week



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This week, The Verge wants to get your ears on these great new tracks:

grandson – Stigmata

From the EP a modern tragedy vol. 2 grandson delivers “Stigmata,” a song that holds nothing back in the face of corrupt governments, corporate greed and injustice. Raised in Toronto, grandson picked up a JUNO nomination this year for breakthrough artist and there’s no doubt that his music is breaking through to the mainstream with its messages. His work reflects the times and he has said that “Stigmata” is very much rock ‘n’ roll in that it’s very anti-authority and defiant.

Jackie – New At Drugs

You may recognize Jackie from her time with Toronto band The Mohrs. After releasing two albums the band disbanded and now are back as a three-piece – still led by Jackie. The band have changed their sound, replacing bass with analog synth and are gearing up to release a new EP this fall. This song is inspired by Jackie’s mother who tried some new substances recently. “New At Drugs” is a song on a mission to break down the stigma around drugs and aims to make you dance.

Dizzy – Heavy

Oshawa, ON JUNO award winners, Dizzy drop “Heavy” from their new EP Heavy/Twist.’ The song at first feels like it could be part of a 90’s rom-com soundtrack. However, the song unfolds showcasing how anxieties and depression can take hold and how that heaviness is an ongoing battle to lift. Lead singer Katie Munshaw says the song is about feeling sad for long periods of time and being afraid to tell others what you’re going through in fear of hurting or worrying them.

Wildlife – Wasted

Toronto rockers Wildlife have a new album on the way this fall called Take The Light With You and lead singer Dean Povinsky describes the first single:

“Wasted” is a song about trying to look at life differently when things basically suck. It’s so easy to be negative. Sometimes you’ve got to do a little mental karate to get back on track, and actually be productive or helpful to another person. When there are outside forces acting upon you that you don’t like, simply acknowledging them can drain their power.”

Chastity – Sun Poisoning

Whitby ON. rocker Chastity was inspired by a Kacey Musgraves lyric to revisit a song he wrote in 2013. It was the lyric “Happy and sad at the same time..” from Kacey’s song, “Happy & Sad” that provided a point to pivot and build into the song “Sun Poisoning.”  Brandon Williams a.k.a Chastity says he wanted to express the feeling of trying to smile when you know your teeth are bleeding. You’ll be able to find the song on Home Made Satan, Chastity’s sophomore album out in September.

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