Hotel Mira, Jonathan Roy are Ones To Watch This Week on The Verge

Jonathan Roy

Jonathan Roy

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This week, The Verge wants to get your ears on these great new tracks:

Hotel Mira – The Eyes on You

Vancouver based trio Hotel Mira have been working with producer Eric Ratz (Billy Talent, Arkells) on their new project. You can take a tase of it now with The Eyes on You.

Jonathan Roy – Keeping Me Alive

Quebec artist Jonathan Roy picked up and moved to California looking for inspiration, collaboration, and the beach. “It took me leaving my comfort zone, buying (and living) in a van to find myself” he laughs. “My songs reflect that – and reflect that recharge that I needed. Not only in my artistic life, but in my personal life as well.”

Little Scream – Still Life

Little Scream is Montreal’s visionary Laurel Sprengelmeyer. Her third album Speed Queen is coming in October. The first single was ‘Dear Leader,’ and now ‘Still Life’ has arrived. The song is inspired by a painting done by Manet. Essentially, she aims to bring the painting to life:

“Much of my new record Speed Queen touches on class, poverty, and politics. But there are a few exceptions, and all of these exceptions have one thing in common — they all reference painting. I guess painting is my “happy place,” and the thing that gave me a break from the other heavy subject matter.”

The Treble – Fix of You

The Treble hail from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Their latest single, ‘Fix of You’ is produced by Ryan Worsley, who has done a lot of work with Dear Rouge & Said the Whale. The band says, “‘Fix of You’ is about the people and things in our lives that we know are bad for us but we keep going back to. It’s about lying to the people you love so you can see the person that’s tearing your world apart.

“In an enriching collaborative process which began with a sleepy conversation in the front half of a tour van, we watched our vision come to life with the help of some very talented people.

“We wanted to make a video that painted a picture of something we’ve all been through. We start off looking for excitement, we start off side by side, but slowly we start to lose ourselves. One person walks away with everything, while one person winds up empty. In contrast, one person is empty from the beginning. They take things from everywhere they can find them to fill a void that they’re afraid will never go away. They don’t feel like they deserve this type of love.”

Luca Fogale – Unfolding

Luca Fogale just wrapped up a tour supporting Dermot Kennedy, and he’s also on the road with Half Moon Run. Luca’s music has been featured on hot tv shows like Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS: Los Angeles and Station 19, ‘Unfolding’ is the second single off his forthcoming album due out this fall. The song’s beautiful videe was shot in Ireland. According to Luca, “‘Unfolding’ is a deeply personal song about disillusionment and disconnection, and Luca explains “in this video, the characters have both become paralyzed by doubt and chased by anxiety and anger, but in searching, they eventually find a place of stillness in solitude.”

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