If Christine Brennan was in charge, Greg Hardy wouldn’t be playing

Bleacher Report Radio

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys’ already controversial decision to sign defensive end Greg Hardy amidst domestic violence charges started to look even worse this weekend.

After Deadspin released photos Friday of the bruises from an attack by Hardy on former girlfriend Nicole Holder, many are questioning whether the Cowboys’ defensive end should be allowed to play in the NFL. Among them is sports journalist Christine Brennan, who explained on Bleacher Report Radio why she feels Hardy shouldn’t be participating.

“I would have never let him come back, or at least I would have said, ‘Hey, you can’t come back,” then wait for the Union,” Brennan said. “If we did this to someone and the pictures appeared, we’d never work a day again in our jobs.”

Brennin continued.

“The pictures didn’t mean that much to me because I’ve felt this way all along, by the narrative that we’ve read, how horrible it all was.”

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