Malik Rose picks Hawks to stop Cavs in East finals

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If you poll 10 people on the street about the Eastern Conference Finals, nine of them would probably pick the Cleveland Cavaliers to make pretty easy work of the Atlanta Hawks. That 10th person is SiriusXM NBA Radio host Malik Rose.

This week, Rose explained to co-host Frank Isola why he’s picking Mike Budenholzer’s Hawks to stop King James and the Cavs.

“I backed it up during the regular season when I saw Cleveland at the end, with Kevin Love,” Rose explained. “They stand around way too much when LeBron has the ball, man. … It makes them really, really easy to guard. Atlanta may or may not have enough to out-score them, or to take advantage of the stops they get offensively, but Atlanta’s going to do a good job defensively on them.”

Isola wasn’t convinced, and said this of what Rose perceived as a stagnant Cleveland system:

“That’s what I would do [stand around]. ‘LeBron, go do something. You’re the best player out there.’”

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