Michael Smerconish delivers the only commencement speech graduates need

Michael Smerconish

Michael Smerconish

It’s graduation season! Former presidents, the current first lady and other movers and shakers are delivering commencement speeches all over the country. Michael Smerconish says he’s feeling a little left out because no one has asked him to speak … but who needs a university when you have your own SiriusXM POTUS show!

Michael delivered an on-air address with five big pieces of advice for graduates:

Register. And vote. There are elections every year, not every four years!

Change. You’re in total control of where you get your news and entertainment. Sample alternative points of view.

Sign. Anonymity breeds contempt. Be passionate — but sign your name. Be prepared to affix your identity to your viewpoints.

Mix. Go out of your way to seek experiences with individuals who don’t look like you and don’t see the world like you. Good things will happen.

Run! For elected office, that is. We’d all benefit from new blood in the system.

Hear Michael’s entire address plus highlights from some other big-name speakers:


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