NBA Today Week 23 recap: Brooklyn Nets make a move

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Over the last week, the Brooklyn Nets have made a small jump in the playoff picture from the No. 8 to the No. 7 seed. More importantly however (in our minds at least), the Nets have also made a jump in the NBA Today power rankings from No. 20 up to No. 17. The Nets ended the week on a sour note losing to the Eastern Conference-leading Hawks, but they knocked off two playoff teams as well as the cross-town rival Knicks on their way to a very successful week/


The red-hot Spurs now sit at No. 3 in our rankings after a perfect 4-0 week including a win against the No. 1 Warriors. This is the highest San Antonio has been ranked since Dec. 8 when they were No. 2 behind the Warriors. Gregg Popovich once again has his team playing their best at the right time heading into the playoffs.


There was very little movement at the bottom of the rankings this week. Every team ranked from the No. 22 Hornets through the No. 30 Knicks stayed in exactly the same spot. The nine teams went a combined 7-24 over the last week. When no one is really winning, it’s tough to make a compelling case for why one team should move up above another. All but the Hornets and Pistons have been eliminated from the playoffs, so these teams are just playing out the season at this point.


Rank (LW) Team
1 (1) Golden State Warriors
2 (2) Cleveland Cavaliers
3 (5) San Antonio Spurs
4 (3) Atlanta Hawks
5 (4) Houston Rockets
6 (6) Los Angeles Clippers
7 (8) Portland Trail Blazers
8 (7) Memphis Grizzlies
9 (9) Chicago Bulls
10 (11) Dallas Mavericks
11 (10) Oklahoma City Thunder
12 (12) New Orleans Pelicans
13 (13) Toronto Raptors
14 (15) Washington Wizards
15 (14) Phoenix Suns
16 (16) Utah Jazz
17 (20) Brooklyn Nets
18 (18) Indiana Pacers
19 (21) Boston Celtics
20 (19) Milwaukee Bucks
21 (17) Miami Heat
22 (22) Charlotte Hornets
23 (23) Detroit Pistons
24 (24) Denver Nuggets
25 (25) Sacramento Kings
26 (26) Orlando Magic
27 (27) Los Angeles Lakers
28 (28) Minnesota Timberwolves
29 (29) Philadelphia 76ers
30 (30) New York Knicks

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