New Music From Hayes Carll, Amanda Rheaume highlight Sunday Service

Hayes Carll

Sarah Burke here from SiriusXM Canada.

I’m your host for Sunday Service.   We gather every Sunday in the name of Americana Music, old and new, familiar and unknown.  I’ll catch you up on new Americana releases from the founders of folk, introduce you to emerging roots artists, and feature exclusive studio interviews & performances.

Sunday February 17th, 2019:

    1. Hayes Carll – Times Like These
    2. Murray A. Lightburn – To The Top
    3. Kerri Ough – How Is This Going To End
    4. Sam Tucker – Aye Avast
    5. Cass McCombs – The Great Pixley Train Robbery
    6. Julian Taylor Band – Back Again
    7. Joy – Jenny Jenkins
    8. Amanda Rheaume – Picture of You
    9. Matt Epp – Are We Through
    10. Kacey Musgraves – Rainbow

New Releases From Hayes Carll & Amanda Rheaume Out This Weekend

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Hayes Carll released his new album What It Is this week.  Although I’m still pretty obsessed with the lead single ‘None’ya,’ I thought I’d play you something else from the new album.  In a recent interview, he tells Rolling Stone about gravitating towards endings instead of beginnings, which became a theme in his writing:

“Every one of my poems and songs and short stories were about opportunities being missed and time running out…And, for whatever reason, that’s always been on my mind. My teacher would write it in the notes: ‘This seems to be a common theme…But writing about it is one thing. Doing something about it is another.”

Read more:

You’ve already heard the title track from Amanda Rheaume’s new album The Skin I’m In produced by Colin Cripps (who’s work you may recognize from Blue Rodeo).  To celebrate release weekend, I’ll play you another new song off the album titled ‘Picture of You.’

Photo credit:  @michaelhurcomb

She says, “This song is about a few things… it’s about having everything but still wanting more. It’s also a song about choices in life (love/work/friends etc). As humans we are trying keep this perfect picture (of a relationship or a job or our lives) alive a lot of the time but it’s not necessarily realistic. That we are always trying to attain something that’s not possible, and we should try to be happy with what we’ve got!”

Kacey Musgraves Celebrates Grammy Wins with New Single  ‘Rainbow’

Fresh off arguably the biggest night of Kacey Musgraves’ life, she released another song off her Grammy award-winning album Golden Hour this week. Watch the video for ‘Rainbow’ below.

SiriusXM’s Jeff Leake Talks to Mt. Joy

On the show this weekend, I’ll feature an interview that North Americana’s Jeff Leake did with Philadelphia’s Mt. Joy.  They just released the official music video for ‘Jenny Jenkins’, by the way. The band says: “Our video for ‘Jenny Jenkins’ was created over the course of a year and a half on the road. We’re a bunch of weirdos on a wild ride and it still feels like the beginning.”

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