NHL Network Radio Presents Simmer’s 31 in 31: The Blur

31 in 31

The zany nature of attending 31 NHL games in 31 cities in 31 days was exemplified by my schedule this past weekend. I co-hosted Friday’s edition of “Stellick and Simmer” from the Philadelphia Flyers practice rink in Voorheis, New Jersey, after seeing the Flyers host the Columbus Blue Jackets the night before. That show ended at 10 am, I packed up my equipment and left. Twenty-six hours later I was in Buffalo, New York sitting down to watch the Flyers play the Sabres in a 1 o’clock Saturday matinee.

Between those two moments or events, I briefly slept Friday night in Winnipeg, Manitoba after watching the St. Louis Blues defeat the Jets one-nothing.

Seems like compressed madness, which it is; but it was also a very memorable visit to the ‘Peg. I had a pleasant chat with Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff, who I had seen briefly at Madison Square Garden the previous Sunday, I took a selfie with Darren Pang, who I had run into twice before, including two nights earlier in St. Louis, Panger then snapped a photo of me and Jets owner (one of them) Mark Chipman, and I had two postgame beers with my pal and fellow broadcaster Paul Edmonds. All aside from seeing some of the world’s most talented athletes competing in a terrific match in front of knowledgable fans in an intimate building.

My alarm went off at 3:40 am for a 5 am flight. I was dazed, but prepared to venture forth to Buffalo to see more incredible hockey folks, like security guy and human being extraordinaire Frank Henry. I also had a nice chat with Sabres’ TV gent’s Brian “Duffer” Duff (new nickname apparently “Duffalo”) and great guy goalie Marty Biron.

All in a very full day’s work.  Soon heading south.

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