NHL Network Radio Presents Simmer’s 31 in 31: Desert Days


Quite the journey meandering and at times racing through the desert. Some stretches relaxing, others 110 miles-per-hour (175 kph). Literally.

I don’t bat an eye or get the slightest bit of apprehension blowing away the speed limit when necessary or just feeling the itch. (By the way, I’m definitely not recommending this to you.) I’ve driven a million miles. Again, literally.

I’ll be on plenty of flights, so for Anaheim, Vegas, Glendale, LA, I did the drives.

The meandering came due to traffic jams mostly on I-15 in Nevada and/or California. I don’t sit in “parking lots” on the freeway. Must keep moving. Whether it’s U-turning to get back to an exit, or taking a gravel road over a mountain pass, I’ll use GPS to its fullest to find the alternative path, often with spectacular results.

By diverting, I drove through the joshua trees under a full moon. I saw stretches of two-lane highway, full of mesas and mountains, reserved for ranchers and far-flung residents. I zipped past Death Valley and near Hoover Dam. I actually did jump on the gravel for a scenic ride around a jam up. I also bypassed LA traffic and took a route that never stopped moving.

The hauling ass? Well let’s just keep that jurisdiction a secret.

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