NHL Network Radio Presents Simmer’s 31 in 31: Hospitality Galore


Whether its simple well wishes from local fans in different markets on social media, or a cool hockey gift from a PR or retail staff, or a timely, whopping omelette at 6 am during a radio broadcast, the hospitality has been amazing but not surprising on this trip. It’s what you come to expect when you’ve been in the hockey business for decades. From people in the biz, to some dear old friends not in it at all, they all seem share a common generosity and spirit.

I reckon its about the company you keep.

In San Jose last Wednesday, crashing at my old pal Tony Tyson’s residence, in his friend’s big house, with a full compliment of guests and live-ins coming and going just ahead of (American) Thanksgiving, that spirit was palpable. From Amy’s warm smile, to KiKi’s stories, to Eric dropping off an omelette as I sat in a cold detached office in the wee hours doing a live “Stellick and Simmer”. Not to mention Tony’s turbo tech capabilities which actually allowed me to cleanly go on the air that holiday.

That game night, the generosity of Gene Principe and the Edmonton TV crew, allowing us to have a lengthy fun conversation about the adventure. Same for Dan Rusanowsky and Jamie Baker on San Jose radio. Thank you Gent’s. By the way, it was Bakes who first coined “Simmerpaloosa” many years ago when I left the SLC Olympics for a day to fly to his home in Scottsdale to shoot part of a TV show.

In Anaheim, thanks to Josh Brewster, with whom I chatted hockey and took (Duck) calls for twenty minutes postgame. Same in Arizona – a delightful TV chat w Jody Jackson, courtesy of producer Graham Taylor. On and on it goes on the media side.

Meanwhile, I look forward to soon being able to reveal details on how the on-ice officials are assisting, with the help of NHL hockey op’s. All in the name of Hockey Fights Cancer.

A chance to visit “families” on and off the ice: one of the key reasons this 31 in 31 idea first became conjured. Company we love to keep.

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