People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier Visits Krystal Nation on Canada Talks

Maxime Bernier

Photo: GEOFF ROBINS/AFP/Getty Images

In my recent radio interview with former Conservative Party leadership candidate, and, now, People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, he reveals policies that every Canadians can agree with. Incredulous? Not sure? Then give the interview below a listen.

As of this moment, “Mad Max” polling is in double digits in many regions of Canada, especially the prairies and the Quebec City region — and gaining in Alberta and Ontario.

The man is authentic: his voice, his policy positions — whether you agree with him or not — Maxime Bernier has substance that is resonating. Gravitas. Balls. He’s a man’s man in a sea of callow political figures; that is the impression that he brings as he dives fearlessly, remorselessly, into a “warts and all”, political arena.

Unbridled, uncensored, and with the politically correct hand-cuffs off, Max will discuss everything from free tampons for votes to corporate welfare. He even takes on the dairy industry in Quebec (that’s like opposing the oil industry in Saudi Arabia or telling folks in Vancouver that magic mushrooms aren’t part of a healthy diet).

Politically, Maxime Bernier forces us to eat our vegetables — but not to tolerate the vegetables in the Ottawa valley.

And as you listen to this interview, remember that Maxime Bernier had his original leadership position with the Conservatives stolen — as both the Globe and Mail and others have reported at the Federal Conservative Leadership Convention a few years ago. More people voted then that were actually registered to vote — and it was still a close vote! Moreover, the ballots were immediately destroyed as Scheer was pronounced the winner. Today, the Alberta posse remains in place; unsullied and unalloyed from the Quebec barbarians who once stormed their Western gates. But their leader is still loose.

Maxime Bernier is doing his own thing now. And he’s having a helluva time. Just ask the dimples in Alberta.