Politics and Pluto: Julie Mason’s top stories

Hear Julie Mason on P.O.T.U.S.

This week in the Press Pool with Julie Mason on SiriusXM’s POTUS channel 124 we covered the historic nuclear deal with Iran and its orbiting political issues, NASA’s glorious Plutonic fly-by, Donald Trump, and a minor eruption in White House press relations.

Carol Lee of the Wall Street Journal had the breakdown of the deal between the U.S., five other nations and Iran aimed at managing that country’s nuclear ambitions in exchange for lifting economy-crippling sanctions.

And David Sanger from the New York Times had what is known in the news biz as a “tick-tock,” a behind-the-scenes breakdown of the long-running talks and the personalities and issues involved.

It was a real pleasure to welcome to the show veteran journalist Miles O’Brien of PBS and CNN, to talk about the incredible NASA photos of Pluto this week, and an upcoming documentary Miles is working on about the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

David Chalian of CNN stopped by the studios to talk 2016 politics, including the encroaching phenom of Donald Trump, now leading among Republican candidates for president.

And in case you missed it, Julie was in a rare lather over general public response to the wording and tone of a question that reporter Major Garrett of CBS News posed to President Obama at a press conference this week.

Still gesticulating, Julie talked about it some more with Phil Ewing of Politico.

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