Rik Emmett of Triumph and Alex Lifeson of Rush join forces

Rik Emmett

Alex Lifeson of Rush (left) with Rik Emmett.

Photo by Mark Weiss

When it comes to Canadian guitar heroes there are two names that stand out among the crowd – both of whom were the axe men in their respective power trios. So what happens when you put Rik Emmett of Triumph and Alex Lifeson of Rush together on the same track?

That question is answered with Human Race, the first single from Rik Emmett’s brand new album RES 9, which Emmett recorded with longtime back-up band, RESolution9. Lifeson joins the track as guitarist, and he’s just one of the famous names that have guest spots on the album.

Emmett also tapped appearances from James LaBrie, singer and frontman for Dream Theater, along with his Triumph bandmate Gil Moore on drums. RES 9 was also recorded at Metalworks Studio outside of Toronto, the famous space that Triumph established back in 1978.

Check out Human Race below, along with an intimate making of RES 9. Meanwhile, the legacies of both Triumph and Rush continue to live on on channels like Ozzy’s Boneyard and Classic Rewind.



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