Saddle Up And Countdown SiriusXM’s Top 1000 Country Songs


Given country music’s long, storied history, compiling a list of the genre’s greatest songs may seem — as Patsy Cline would probably describe it — “crazy.” But, fortunately, the country experts at SiriusXM have sifted through more than six decades worth of music in the beloved American art form and will air all 1,000 songs on Channel 30 so that you don’t “fall to pieces” doing it by yourself.

Starting Monday, February 17st, cowboy up some time in your day, hit the dirt road, or sit back with a bottle of Jack as SiriusXM revisits these 1,000 defining songs. You’ll hear iconic country choruses, timeless twangs, legendary love songs, memorable acoustic melodies, and the best beer-drinking anthems by pioneers and contemporary stars like Cline, Willie Nelson, Kenny Chesney, Dixie Chicks, Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Johnny Cash, and Taylor Swift.

Tune in to Channel 30 to hear SiriusXM’s limited-run country countdown from Monday at 12 pm ET through Sunday, March 1st.

Listen live to SiriusXM Channel 30 now.


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