Schein says Phil Jackson should have never been hired

Mad Dog

Phil Jackson heard the boos from Knicks fans after selecting Kristaps Porzingis fourth overall at the 2015 NBA Draft, but they weren’t the only ones who disapproved of Jackson bringing in the 7-foot-1 19-year-old from Latvia.

Stephen A. Smith joined SiriusXM Mad Dog Sports Radio’s Schein on Sports, and he had some things to say about Jackson and his approach to building a contending team in New York.

“This pick clearly symbolizes Phil Jackson’s thinking that he has all the time in the world,” Smith said. “You tell New Yorkers that this team is in a position to compete for a playoff spot because the Eastern Conference is so conspicuously weak, and oh by the way, the players that you’re talking about developing, you hired a coach who’s never coached in his life to be a developer. Everywhere you turn, this guy is making one atrocious move after the next.”

Adam Schein also voiced his distaste for Jackson’s approach with the Knicks and the NBA Draft.

“Phil Jackson should have never been hired,” Schein said. “He’s not scouting. Riddle me this, cowboy. Do you think Phil Jackson knew who Porzingis was three months ago? Welcome to hell.”

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