Shaun Proulx – Act Like You’re Retired

Shaun Proulx with his husband, Patrick.

Shaun Proulx with his husband, Patrick.

Photo by Rob Barnes

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I want to share with you something wise my husband has been saying for the last few weeks around our place. I love having a husband nine years younger than me who is wiser than I think I’ll ever be. Sigh.

Patrick keeps saying “act like you’re retired”. It’s his tonic to all the rushing – physical rushing, emotional rushing, mental rushing – that he does, that I for sure also get wrapped up in doing, and, perhaps, you do too.

Retired people – to generalize – aren’t racing to make a career happen any more, aren’t planning or raising a family. They aren’t worried about making their dreams come true – to generalize – they’ve made it all happen and they are in the stage of enjoying the fruits of their labour.

Patrick’s point in saying act like you’re retired is: why wait until then? Why wait to get into the zone of enjoying your life like it’s already done and the pressure is off.

Act like you’ve already lived your life, in other words. I love the idea of even just one day without all the self imposed pressure we put on ourselves, a day to act like live has been lived.

I’ve been trying out what Patrick says. I’ve been acting like a retired person, acting like my work is done, acting like it’s the weekend even when it’s not. When I catch myself getting caught up in the past or the future, I bring myself back to the now. Every retired person I know – as busy as they still often are; my own mother who is retired has never been so on the go – does have that vibe about them, the one where they are enjoying life a little more than the rest of us.

It’s a pretty good idea I think: to enjoy life now, like you’ve already done the heavy lifting.

It has to happen some time. Why wait?

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