Shaun Proulx on Forward Feeling – We All Do It, So Do It Right

Shaun Proulx on Forward Feeling - We All Do It, So Do It Right

An email from friend prompted me to suggest a #ThoughtRevolution about something we all do: forward feeling.

Forward feeling is when we think about something that is coming up in our lives. Family dinner over the holidays, a job interview you got called in for, the sex you’re about to enjoy, or a difficult conversation you need to have with someone.

Anything you are giving thought to that’s about to transpire is forward feeling.

As Einstein said: “Everything has energy. Match the frequency of what you want and it becomes reality. It’s not philosophy, it’s physics.” This includes our thoughts (which is why I’m all about a #ThoughtRevolution on the subjects that matter to you).

So, as we forward feel our way through life, there’s obviously a right way to do it and a wrong way. The email from my friend gives us a perfect example of how not to forward feel:

“Hope you had a relaxing Sunday… I did nothing all day so tomorrow will be a busy one as I have a lot of cleaning up to do before the family arrives for Thanksgiving. In order not to have a f**ked up week I have to get anti-anxiety meds from my doctor which should help me with the anxiety and stuff.”

I know my friend and I know he would love more ease and flow in the prep before his family arrives than that. In order to make that happen, he needs to contour his thoughts in a new direction. Old thoughts don’t get you anywhere but old places. My friend isn’t alone, we all do this. The good news is when you catch yourself forward feeling in a direction you don’t want you can stop yourself and re-frame your thoughts towards the positive outcome you really want.

If I were my friend, I’d put it more like this:

Tomorrow will be busy as I have a lot of cleaning up to do before the family arrives. I want my place to look as good as possible because it’s important to me that they have a comfortable place to visit because they’re important to me. They’re so important to me that in the past I have actually made myself anxious over their visits – but today now I love the idea that this time there’s more ease and flow as I get ready to greet them. I can almost feel the good energy when I open the door and my family is standing in front of me for the first time in ages. I can’t wait to give them each a good hug and then sit down in my home that I’ve made just right and catch up. We’re in for a really good time and I can just feel it.

There’s nothing in that #ThoughtRevolution that negates where he’s at, nothing bogus, no yippy-skippy-airey-fairy-Polyanna-bullsh*t. Just an honest expression of what’s going on, only one that doesn’t stir up negative emotion – which only draws negative experiences later to match. Telling the story the way you want it to be – forward feeling correctly – is how you do as Einstein advises: match the frequency of what you want to make it reality.

Talking about the good stuff brings the good stuff. Forward feeling anxiety brings you only – say it with me now – anxiety.  I forward feel the positive outcomes before meetings, giving speeches, before my show, before anything where I catch myself feeling anxious, and, like you, LOTS makes me feel off when I think about it or observe it at first.

Try this for yourself and watch what happens. It’s on a cute idea, it’s not philosophy, it’s physics. Wherever you are right now something stuck in your mind that you are forward feeling in a way that isn’t serving you. That challenge never goes away, I think; I still catch myself. But it’s like building a muscle, one worth developing so that we draw to us the outcomes we not only want – but deserve.

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