Shaun Proulx on the vision board

Shaun Proulx on the vision board

On, where I blog about ways you can have a #ThoughtRevolution about your life and get happier, I posted a video recently about how when I went from having a regular sized vision board to turning a whole wall in my office into a massive vision board, things immediately began manifesting faster. My husband Patrick saw the video and shared a wild story with me on what he just realized about the power of giving more life to your goals.

It was so compelling we shot him telling the story, and put the video on my Facebook page:





















One person who replied said: “So all I have to do is write it down and it will happen? Oh the delusion of privilege.” His response is not uncommon. Of course you don’t have to just write it down. But everyone reading this right now has dreams and desires. You have been thinking about them all your life and there are many more on their way. We are here on this planet for the purpose of joy. If joy means a trip to Morocco and you have been thinking about it, life wants you to have that.

You either buy the belief we live in a yes-based world or you don’t – and guess what? That’s the difference between going to Morocco or not.

Why wouldn’t you choose to love the idea of your dreams coming true? It feels better than believing they can’t, and if someone shares an idea that helped them, why wouldn’t you just try it?

You either try it or you don’t and guess what? That’s the difference between going to Morocco or not.

Putting your dreams in a vision board, enjoying thinking about them, sharing them with others, reading about them, learning about them, activates your desires. It gives them life because the Universe takes you seriously. Co-operative components begin to take action.

Which is why I try all kinds of things, and share what works for me. In the end, I’d rather be delusional and happy – my dreams becoming reality so much so it seems to others that I’m privileged – than being so apparently bothered by someone’s successes all I feel is inspired to post snark on their Facebook page.

Which will never make any dream you have reality.

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