Canada Talks’ Shaun Proulx’s Blessed Beasts

Canada Talks' Shaun Proulx's Blessed Beasts

The other night I had a terrible dream, sorting through feelings of disappointment about my marriage (my husband and I have separated). It was dark and I was outdoors coming through woods, to a hill. I didn’t feel I wanted to keep going. I considered just lying down under a tree, curling up and waiting.

But instead I began to crawl up the hill, which was so steep my fingers were digging into the earth so to secure myself. Then I heard a sound. It startled me and I turned to see a dark animal racing, down towards me at full speed, and I thought, my heart quickening: “This is it. Now I’m in real trouble for being out here like this.” I prepared to be attacked.

But the animal was my lovely lady dog, Sammy, who passed years and years ago, and when she arrived at me the force of her love was so intense it filled me right up, and hard. Then Annie the cat appeared, and Jack the dog, both of whom passed last year, Annie snaking around me, purring, and Jack bouncing up and down, licking me. All my negative emotions vanished, replaced by love, and I kept telling my animal friends: “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

I woke up and sat up in my bed, feeling so at peace.

Ella, my Cocker Spaniel, came to me and as I sank back into the pillows to contemplate my bad dream turned wonderful, she sat on my chest and put her paws right around my neck. She has never done this before. She moaned and rubbed her face on mine and didn’t stop for a few long moments. I told her: “Thank you, thank you.”

I felt so loved and so reassured, from my pets in the physical and non-physical that all is well and will continue to be for me. It was just what I needed to feel and it was like they all knew and banded together to say so.

Blessed beasts I love them so.

Beautiful Beasts
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