SiriusXM Premieres The New Wolf Saga Single ‘Get Back’

Wolf Saga

SiriusXM is excited to premiere the new song from Wolf Saga called ‘Get Back’ to kick off 2019 on CH. 165!

Recorded at Toronto’s Noble Street Studios, here’s the inspiration behind the new track straight from Johnny Saga:

I wrote this for women, especially after noticing all the nonsense they have to put up with from men. I was at a dance event one night here in Toronto and couldn’t believe how the men acted around groups of women (who just wanted to dance with their friends). 

So I wrote this song calling out these gross men and their ridiculous ideals, and also discuss how women ought to be treated. 

Wolf Saga


Hear the premiere all day today on Canadian Indigenous Peoples’ Radio CH. 165 at 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm & 11pm ET.

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